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Double Chain Clamp

Double Chain Clamp

The Mathey Dearman Double Chain Clamp is a heavy-duty vessel clamp designed for alignment and reforming of pipes and vessels up to 20’ (6 m) in diameter with Schedule 80 wall thickness. Our Double Chain Clamps also align Schedule 80 pipe and heavier when no reforming is required. The extra heavy-duty Jackbars and Main Block provide the brute strength necessary to accomplish even the toughest reforming jobs. Models 10” to 36” through 10” to 54” come with a Level and Support Device. All other models come with a cable hoist. The Double Chain Clamp is available in steel and stainless steel versions and is shipped in a wooden crate.


  • PRECISE | Numerous Jackbars provide clamping pressure exactly where needed for perfect alignment
  • TOUGH | Reforms and aligns pipe with Schedule 80 wall thickness
  • ADAPTABLE | Fits extremely large range of pipe diameters
  • CONFORMING | Jackbar pads pivot independently to handle uneven pipe and fitting surfaces
  • Joints on large pipe or tube shells up to 20’ (6096 mm) in diameter can be aligned, reformed and welded without removing the clamp, saving time and improving weld quality.

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