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Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp

Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp

Mathey Dearman’s Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp reforms Schedule 40 pipe on either side of the joint to be welded. It is also able to exert pressure on the high points of both sides to eliminate “Hi-Lo.” The Chain Clamp’s Level and Support Device allows the pipe, elbow, tee, flange and other fittings to be held securely in place during alignment and welding. Pipe with wall thicknesses up to Schedule 80 can be aligned with the Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp. Mathey Dearman Double Jackscrew Chain Clamps are available in carbon steel chain and stainless steel chain versions to fit pipe from 1” to 54” (25 mm to 1372 mm) in diameter. Although all Mathey Dearman Chain Clamps feature stainless steel Jackscrews, Jackbars and Main Blocks, stainless steel chain should be used on stainless steel or specialty alloy applications to avoid potential contamination.


EXTRA WELDING CLEARANCE | Jackbar design provides additional clearance, so the weld can be easily completed with clamp in place

PRECISE ALIGNMENT | Double Jackbars, spaced around the diameter of the pipe allow reforming on both sides of joint to within 1/64" (.4mm)

HEAVY DUTY | Aligns pipe with wall thickness up to Schedule 80

STRONG | Reforms pipe with wall thickness to Schedule 40

WIDE RANGE | Support, align, and reform elbow, tees, and other fittings that cage clamps can’t; one Chain Clamp covers the range of 8 cage clamps

VERSATILE | With the standard Level and Support Device, the clamp can be configured to align, reform and support almost any type of fitting for welding

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