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Band Saw Machine

Band Saw Machine

KASTOtwin U 4

A Universal Band Sawing Machine of heavy duty construction for the cutting of structurals, tubes and solid material at 90°. The KASTO-Universal Hydraulic system and hydraulic material clamping ensures best results regarding cutting performance and blade life.

  • Horizontal clamping vice, to be clamped on both sides of the saw blade
  • -Clamping pressure reduction
  • -KASTO Universal Hydraulic UH
  • (change of the saw band for cutting solid materials and profiles is not necessary)
  • -Frequency-controlled remote adjustment of them cutting speed
  • -Power-driven chip brush

Technical data

Cutting range



Cutting range 90°

                                               400 x 400 mm / 400 x 400 mm / 400 mm

Shortest remnant length

                                               20 mm

Mass and height


1.290 mm


2.490 mm

Height, saw head in lowered position

1.721 mm

Height, saw head in highest position

1.911 mm

Total weight

950 kg

Material support hight

700 mm

Performance characteristics

connected load

                                    6 kW

Saw motor, frequency controlled

                                    4 kW

Cutting speed infinitely variable

                                    20 - 110 m/min

Saw blade dimensions

                                    5.090 x 41 x 1,3 mm

Material clamping hydraulic

                                    60 bar

Saw blade guide

                                    carbide, interchangeable

Saw blade tension


Cleaning of saw blade

                                    by running, easy interchangeable wire plastic brush