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Pneumatic Jet Fans


Jet Fans


Why is it called a Jet Fan?

These four-bladed vaneaxial fans are called Jet Fans because a high velocity jet of compressed air is ejected from the trailing edge of the fan blade. This results in the forward rotation of the fan blade just like a jet plane is pushed forward by the high velocity air ejected from the rear of the jet engine.


* Use for general ventilation in any location where compressed air is available.
   Use as blower or exhauster.

* Suited for ventilation of tanks, process vessels, or other confined spaces
   for the removal of hazardous fumes or contaminated air from welding,
   sandblasting and other operations.

* Rated operating pressure 40-110 PSI.

Hi-tech four blade design allows for lower RPMs while still moving more air.

* Bearings are packed with a hi-tech synthetic lubricant for longer life.

* Fan Blades are precision balanced.

* Electro polished stainless steel fan guards.

* Castings are heat treated to T6 aircraft aluminum specifications.

* Super-duty, high quality, high pressure air seal for longer service.

* Heaviest-duty fans in the industry.

* Guide vanes eliminate turbulence which smooths air flow and increases effeciency.

* Fans design by one of the foremost fan engineers in the world

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