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Solid Cast Pigs


Solid-Cast Pigs

Solid-cast pigs, which have the flexibility and easy handling of foam pigs, coupled with the ruggedness and excellent sealing capabilities of cups and discs found on steel pigs, prove very efficient as general purpose pigs for batching, displacement, and routine pigging operations. With the addition of brushes, they can also be used for cleaning applications. Various configurations are available, including spherical, cup-type, disc-type, and combination cup-and-disc type.

Process Pigs

Process pigs are designed for use in multi-product piping applications. The industries utilizing these pigs include chemical and petrochemical, ink and paint, food and beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. The process pigs are intended for use in packing, storage, and loading/unloading lines. The unique designs of the process pigs minimize bypass, thereby minimizing cross-contamination and normally wasted product.


The SWP style was the first pig designed for process pigging. Its eight discs equate to exceptional sealing capabilities resulting in less bypass and more product displacement. The SWP is capable of spanning full-branch tees and negotiating tight-radius bends as low as 1.5-diameter. It is constructed of high-grade abrasion and chemical resistant solid-cast polyurethane material. Material options include neoprene, viton, and epdm.

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