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Push Type Tube Cutter

Push Type Tube Cutters

Key Features

PTTC tube cutters (available form 1/2” up to 4” O.D.) offer features to make it the most versatile cutter available. The cutter blade depth can be adjusted to allow the tube to be cut through. The cutter blades are made out of the HSS what assure long life time (when used with proper cutting speed) A single blade is used in cutters from PTTC-82 to PTTC-254.

The PTTC-254 is also available with 2 blades. The cutter from PTTC-315 up to PTTC-902 are furnished with two blades. The front pilot mounted under the cutter keeps the cutter in the center of the tube and prevent the cutter to be jammed as the chips must go forward into the tube. Also available as tube trimmer. PTTC is also available as Push Type Tube Trimmer.

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