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Serating Tool

Tool for Serrating Tube Sheet

Key Features

Please find below the presentation of our most up-to-date, portable, self-centering tool for grooving tube sheet, model JGS Grooving Tool. Some very essential innovations have been implemented to the design of our JGS Grooving Tool, which has a huge impact on the comfort of operating the tool. After the study of the wear degree of the tool mandrel we decided to use rollers the task of which it is to guide and next, to protect against wear the tool mandrel. The new, single-piece mandrel with built-in rollers in the part that operates directly in the hole, allows to obtain a perfect surface, free from burrs and flashes. The latter were formed with the previous designs during the friction of the mandrel against the walls of the hole – now, it is eliminated through the use of rollers – the mandrel rolls over the walls of the hole. Owing to the lack of friction the life of the tool has grown very significantly.

The next upgrading feature introduced by us was a channel conducted inside the mandrel, this channel serving the purpose of feeding the cooling medium directly through the tool cutter, this having an enormous impact on the life of the cutter and helping in rinsing out chips during the work. Grooving tools with channels make an option.

Grooving tools can be used both on portable and stationary multiradial drills. They also find their application on NC machine tools. We manufacture JGS grooving tools within a broad range of sizing: 3/8” (9.52 mm) to 4” (101.6 mm), in both imperial and metric versions. As a standard, the tools have an adjustment system for channel cutting reach, 22.2 mm to 54.0 mm (as counted from the bottom face to the internal edge of the channel being cut). Tools of a higher cutting reach are manufactured to special order. A cutter 3 x 6 x 3 mm belongs to the standard outfit of the grooving tool – our offer comprises the whole range of cutters manufactured both in imperial and metric versions.

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