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Flex Holder-Articulated Arm

Flex Holder-Articulated Arm

Key Features

The FLEXHolder articulated arm supports the weight and absorbs the torque of the rolling motors and beveling machines using a pneumatic counterbalance, which allows the operator to effortlessly move the rolling motor into position.

  *Positive tool holding system virtually eliminates the chance for operator error.

  *Increases expander life up to three times compared to conventional tube rolling.

  *Extends tool life by using the lubricated air from rolling motor’s exhaust for cooling
    the rolls & mandrels, significantly reducing tooling cost.

Standard model features 1,5 m vertical and 1,5 m horizontal reach (models with in- creased vertical and horizontal capacity are available upon request). Column can be easily removed form the base for the transportation purposes.

FlexHolder specification

 Vertical movementHorizontal movement  150 cm  59”
 Horizontal movement  150 cm  59”
 Minimum Lift Capacity  5 kg  10 Lbs
 Lif Capacity  30 kg  37 Lbs
 Allowable Torque  170 Nm  125 FtLbs


The FLEXHolder truck has a built-in compartment. Large capacity allows you to maintain order in the workplace.

FLEXHolder can be supplied as FlexColumn without trolley which can be fixed to the floor, your own trolley or any other preferred way.

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