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Flange Spreader-Hydraulic

Innovative external hydraulic flange spreading wedge

A simple solution to hydraulically spreading flange joints with a minimum access gap of 6.0mm (0.25"). The SWi20/25TE Innovative Hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedge provides a 30% higher spreading capacity to the SW15TE. The tool is smaller, lighter and is narrower than the SW15TE. It features a swivel handle, no finger pinch-points and safety lanyard as standard.


The SWi20/25TE Mechanical Flange Spreader can be used during:


 Special Features

   *revolving handle to aid horizontal or vertical spreading
   *offset handle is directly over the centre of mass
   *removable handle for improved access
   *revolving lanyard connection point

 Operating Benefits

   *no pinch-points
   *secure hold on each step
   *safety lanyard - 1.0m (39") length
   *forged key components for strength & reliability
   *fail-safe design - designated cylinder nose seal failure