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Non Sparking Tools

Non Sparking Tools

Spanners & wrenches, Hammers, Knifes, Chisels & Bars,Screwdrivers & Pliers Sockets, Impact Sockets

Non-sparking Safety Tools are used extensively throughout the world in the following industries:

  * Oil and gas, off-shore and on-shore   
  * Public Utilities - Gas, Electric   
  * Petro-chemical   
  * Grain handling   
  * Pipeline Construction   
  * Shipyards
  * Airports
  * Non-magnetic applicationns
  * Flammable material manufacturing

And many other where sparks are a potential fire or explosion hazard.
Non-sparking safety tools can provide a vital extra margin of safety under these conditions.
This margin could be crucial in protecting personnel and installations from disaster.

Features :

  * Greater safety personnel and installations
  * Strong and long lasting
  * Comprehensive standard range
  * Corrosion resistant
  * Special tools made to customers own designs

When conventional steel tools are used in potentially combustible steel tools are used in potentially combustible or explosive atmosphers, dangerous sparks may be accidentally created by tools slipping or being struck against hard surfaces.

The only safe way to eliminate fires and explosions in hazardous envirnments is to make sure that NO inflammable materials are present when using metal hand tools. In practice this rarely possible and therefore plant managers and safety officers insist that SPARK RESISTANT tools are used for low-cost protection.


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