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Internal Line-up Clamp

Internal Line-up Clamp

We brings you high quality and reliability unparalleled Internal Line Up Clamps. Each clamp machined for specific wall thickness and pipe O.D. Our Internal Line Up Clamps are specialized for offshore work and designed for efficient operations. We got you covered with best clamps in the market today.

Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps
function inside the pipe to align two pipe joints for external welding.

Roller-type actuating heads clamp and hold the pipe ends, adjustable to various wall thickness.

Standard  Features

  * Available in sizes 6″-60″

  * Clamps 12″-60″ will cover two pipes sizes by use of conversion kits

  * Standard clamps are adjustable up to .500 wall thickness, modified
     clamps are available for heavier wall pipe.

  * Powered travel drive available on models 12″-60″

  * For efficient operation, the compressed air pressure should be 180-200 PSI. (12.4-13.8 Bar)

  * Maximum safe working pressure is 225 PSI (15.5 Bar)

Available Features

   * Dual side drive, capability of 35 degree grade
   * Cement mortar lining compatibility

   * Additional reach rod

   * Vertical operation facility

   * Stainless steel pipe compatibility

   * De-icers

   * Storage skid

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