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Diaphram Pump-Non Metalic

Diaphram Pump-Non Metalic

Tecno-Matic non metallic pumps are constructed to meet various needs of our customers. Either injected polypropylene parts or CNC machined polyethylene blocks which our pumps are made of, allow you to transport highly corrosive fluids. With wide range of elastomers to choose from, our customers can be sure to find the right pump for desired job.We offer port sizes from 0,25” to 3.0” and flow rates up to 1000 l/min.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
Model: NS1000-P



The pump chambers are bolted together

The air mechanism is anti-stalling, non-icing and lubrication free

Complete with muffler 77.0 dB(A)

Manifolds are 180° reversible


Technical specifications

Flow:                                variable 0 - 1000 l/min

Discharge pressure:            variable 0 - 7 bar

Suction lift:                       dry 6,0 m / wet 7,5 m

Suction lift, Teflon:            dry 3,0 m / wet 6,0 m

Free passage:                    max. 10 mm Ø

Suction connection:            DN80 (3" BSP)

Discharge connection:         DN80 (3" BSP)

Air inlet:                           3/4" NPT-female

Muffler:                            1" NPT-female


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