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Diesel Driven-Complete Package

Diesel Driven-Complete Package

Hydrostatic test pump package offers a 900 GPM centrifugal fill pump, our TT series triplex pressure pump that can pressure up to 4775 PSI, driven by a diesel engine and our exclusive chainbox drive. The combo design allows for simple transition from the fill to pressure pump, and the five speed gearbox allows pressures to be built in a controlled manner vs. a PTO drive. Equipped with a Cummins 6.7L diesel drive engine.

Hydrostatic Test Pump Package
Designed For Use In All Pressure Testing Applications

Fill Pump- Centrifugal, 900 GPM at 360 ft of Head Pressure

 * Pressure Pump- Tulsa Triplex TT-150

 * Standard configuration is outfitted with 2.5" pistons and liners allowing up to 85 GPM at 3,055 PSI

    Optional configuration is with 2" plungers allowing up to 55 GPM at 4,775 PSI

Benefits of  System

Lightweight, Skidded Portable Design Allows for Easy Transport

 * Headache Rack with Four Point Lift Lugs

 * Combo Pump Unit Allows for Simple Transition From Fill to Pressure Pump

 * Chainbox Drive Eliminates Concerns of Belt Slippage Under Load

 * Five Speed Gearbox Allows Pressures to be Built in a Controlled Manner vs. PTO Drive

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