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Chemical Injection Pump

Chemical Injection/Hydrostatic Testing Pump

This hydrostatic test pump is engineered for both hydrostatic testing and high-pressure chemical injection applications, the Mac-26 weighs in at 175 lbs. The hydrostatic test pump is designed using power piston size 6", stroke length of 2", cycles/minute adjustable to 100, max input pressure at 100 psi, and a power gas max cons of 51 SCFM. The Mac-26's temperature limits are from -20 to 140F. Materials chosen for maximum corrosion resistance. This reciprocating pump has reduced components for easy maintenance. Positive displacement, stroke rate adjustment for accuracy.


 * Single Acting Reciprocating Pump – Air/Gas Driven
 * Power Cylinder Size 6"

 * Stroke Length 2"

 * Adjustable Speed up to 100 Cycles/Min

 * Air/Gas Input Pressure 100 psi max.

 * Gas Consumption 51 SCFM

 * Temperature Range : -20 ºF/140ºF

 * Weight :175 lbs


 * API 674 Compliant.

 * Can be adapted for use as high Pressure, Air-or Gas Operated Transfer Pump.

 * Complete Chemical Injection or Hydrostatic Test Packages Built to Customer   Requirements.

 * Can be adapted for portable use by specifying a skid base, Guard Rail and Lifting Eyes.

 * Non-Lubricated Packing and Piston Cups.

 * Virtually Trouble –Free for extended running times if proper lubrication and   reasonable care
    of the pump is maintained.

 * The standard unit has two fluid ends, Single Fluid End available if desired.

 * Compact, Portable and Light Weight.

 * Hoses, gauges and other accessories are also available.

 * Field adjustable speed/volume control.

 * Easily maintained




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