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Pneumatic Hi-Volume

Pneumatic Hi-Volume

Texas Industrial Specialties is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of Hydrostatic Test Pumps. The PDQ Hydrostatic Test Pump is the original and ultimate pneumatic Hydrostatic Test Pump. Our Hydrostatic Test Pump is made of all stainless steel fittings and assembled at our facility in Deer Park, Texas USA. Hydrostatic Test Pumps are a staple in the Petrochemical, pipe welding and testing industries. The Original PDQ Hydrostatic Test Pump is constructed on a 2 wheel dolly for easy maneuvering around any plant, pipeline, or fab shop.


 * Air Powered hydrotest Pump

 * Model: PDQ 10000

 * Max. Pressure: 9700 PSI

 * Volume @ 100 CPM – 1 GPM

 * Includes: Pressure Gauge, Bleed Valve

    & 10 Feet Long High Pressure Hose.


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