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Gasoline Driven

Gasoline Driven

The TR-Series are large volume, high pressure hydrostatic pumps.Designed for testing boilers,vessels, process piping, steam and gaslines. The ceramic plunger pump, has an inner oil bath, ensuring long life and increasedstability. Their high flow characteristics for pumps in this pressure range will speed testing as it quickly removes air from the test environment. There are no external moving parts for operator safety and reduced liability risks. Virtually indestructible, the TR-Series is enclosed in a rugged roll cage of welded heavy gauge steel. These unitsare available with gas, diesel or electric power sources. Special order options available, pumps can be built to suit.



Automatic Pressure Regulator with Inlet Bypass

  * Stainless Steel Liquid-Filled Gauge Ensure Accurate Readings, with Less Flutter

  * Enclosed in a Rugged Roll Cage & Heavy Gauge Steel Base

  * Stainless Steel Ballvalve to Isolate Pressure