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Electric Driven

Electric Driven

The El-Series is a line of low volume high pressure hydrostatic test pumps, offering flow rates up to 5 GPM, and pressures to 1800 PSI. Designed for testing sprinkler systems, irrigation lines pressure vessels, plant process. piping, and small diameter water lines. The triplex ceramic plunger pump has an inner oil bath, ensuring long life with minimal maintenance. standard motor features include; overload protection, totally enclosed fan cooled, 110 to 220 volt and the 1 HP motors are capable of reading 50/60 Hertz. There are no external moving parts for increased operator safety and reduced liability risk.



 * Automatic pressure Regulator with  Inlet Bypass

 * Stainless Steel Liquid-Filled Gauge Ensure Accurate Readings, With Less Flutter

Rugged Roll Cage Construction, Protects Pump from Damage

 * High Pressure Ballvalve and Fittings