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Pneumatic upto 10000 psi

Pneumatic upto 10000 psi


Pump Type Pressure Ranges

Air-driven piston pump 0-10,000 psi


Hydrostatic Pressure Gauge

Dual 4” dial gauges, all stainless steel, glycerin filled
0.5% accuracy, full scale. Calibration certs optional.


Air Control System

3/8” 50-micron filter, pump regulator and lubricator (microfog.)


Relief Valves (Optional)

Relief Valves, 1/4” with quick disconnects, 50-350, 350-750,
750-1500, 1500-2250, 2250-3k, K-4K, 4K-5K, 5K-6K PSI


Hydrostatic Hose (Optional)

3/8” Hose x 10 feet long, with high pressure quick disconnect
x 3/8” MPT on one end.


Dimensions & Weight (-SM)

23” L x 12” W x 12” H, 45 lbs.


Powder coated base plate with carrying handles.

  * Gauge Manifold: 4” dial gauges with quick
     disconnects and extra port for relief valves

Air-Driven Piston Pump: lubricated, adjustable
discharge pressure, automatically stalls at preset
pressure, re-starts when pressure drop occurs
     can be used in explosive environments.

Filter, regulator, pump lubricator and shut off
     valve included.

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