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Hand Pump - 6000 psi

Hand Pump - 6000 psi

- Manually operated, light but sturdy pumps providing pressures 6,000 PSIG with water or oil. Low cost pressure source for testing piping, boilers, tanks, fire extinguishers, pressure tanks, and laboratory equipment.

- Precision engineered of long-life materials. All wet parts are bronze, brass, or stainless steel. The body and fittings are machined bronze or brass. The piston is stainless steel. Spring-loaded conical pop-pet valves provide snappy trouble-free action. Replaceable Buna N O-ring in poppet assures positive seal. Piston packing is Buna N O-ring with backup, (Special seals available.)

Mechanical Advantage For Manual Pump lever
- The lever fulcrum may be mounted in either of two positions. One delivers higher pressure per 100 pounds lever load (max. leverage). The other delivers greater displacement (output) per lever stroke (std. leverage). (See tables for data.) In addition, a handle extension is provided to increase the advantage for higher pump pressures.

Standard Configuration
 - Intake (suction) connection is a female hose swivel with screened coupling washer for attachment of standard garden hose. Output (pressure) connection is ¼” NPT female pipe at the end of the gauge block, Four foot flexible hose with ¼” NPT ends are included. Pressure gauges are optional.


  * Gauges: To ¼ % accuracy, 4" and 6" dial size. Master, certified, and other dial sizes available.

 * Fittings: Special valves, hose, and seals.

 * Adapter Kit: Flexible hose 3/16" ID with 1/4" NPT ends x 4 feet, bleed valve, & assorted NPT fittings.

 * Seals: Buna N o-rings standard for many fluids; other materials upon request.


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