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Hydraulic Breakout Unit

Hydraulic Breakout Unit

The PETOL™ HYDRAULIC FRICTION BREAKOUT UNIT will not mar the surface of the parts being made up and broken out. Each Hydraulic Friction Tong and PETOL SURGRIP™ Vise Bushing is bored to grip a specific O.D. by friction alone. Vise bushings are held in place by a spring loaded plunger for quick change out. The units are powered by an electric motor and have a pressure gauge that reads out in ft.-lbs. of torque. For added safety, a controlled pressure relief valve allows the operator to adjust the working pressure for each job. When the set pressure is accomplished the system stops torquing.

NOTE: Maximum working loads range from 500 ft.-lbs. to 5,000 ft.-lbs. depending on size of tong being used.

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