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Spare Cups and Discs

Spare Cups and Discs

Cups are one of the types of sealing elements used by steel-mandrel pigs. They are designed to allow the pressure of the line to seat the outer sealing surface of the cup against the internal pipe surface to ensure positive seal. Cups are flexible so as to adapt to out-of-round or varying internal pipe diameters. Styles range from standard to conical, as well as special designs such as those for thin-wall pipes.

Conical Cup  
 * Standard Scraper Cups  
 * Thinwall Cups  
 * Type A Cups


 * MD Guide Discs
 * MD Sealing Discs
 * MD Spacer Discs
 * Slotted Dual-Diameter Discs
 * Standard Scraper Discs

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