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Pig Tracker

Pig Trackers and Pingers

Pig Trackers and Pingers consist of a signal-emitting transmitter and hand-held receiver with signal-pickup wand. The receivers utilize both audio and visual means to alert the operator of the pressence of the pig. The receivers allow the operator to make adjustments for signal strength as well as reducing outside interference. These are used to track the progress of a pig during a pig run, or can be used to locate a pig within a run of pipeline in land or water applications, above or below ground.

The main difference between trackers and pingers is that trackers use an electromagnetic system to emit a radio-frequency signal and pingers emit an audible “ping” that carries well through water. Also, transmitters are “on” once the batteries are put in place and pingers become activated once in contact with liquid. So generally speaking, trackers are used for land applications and pingers are used for water/sea applications.

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