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Wire Brush Foam Spheres

SPH-5W Wire Brush Foam Sphere

Product Description

Medium-density wirebrush spheres are constructed of 5 pound per cubic foot density foam, coated with polyurethane elastomer in criss-cross pattern, and equipped with wirebrush straps. They are used for medium cleaning applications for buildup removal. WARNING: This type of sphere is designed for very aggressive heavy-duty cleaning applications. However, the sealing capabilities are not as good as standard spheres. The SPH-5W should be immediately following with a bare sphere or swab in order to help seal. If used alone, it will require substantial volumes in order to propel the sphere.

Additional Options

    *Handling Rope/Cable
    *Transmitter Cavity
    *Double Dish
    *Double Nose
    *Custom Diameter
    *Custom Length
    *Bypass Holes
    *Special Coating Patterns
    *Gauging Plate

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