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FRL System

Portable F-R-L Systems (Filters-Regulators-Lubricators)

Portable F-R-L Systems provide additional filtration of particulates or moisture, and regulate and lubricate the air prior to being consumed by the air powered product.


* Galvanized protective cage to prevent rust in off shore/marine environments.
  * Pre-filter Y strainer to trap large debris and sludge extends the life of automatic drain on
     filter unit.
  * Particulate filter to remove harmful oil/water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from the
     compressed air  supply.

  * Regulator with gauge for precise PSI control.
  * Lubricator that maintains the same air/oil ratio regardless of variations in air flow to reduce
     equipment maintenance and prolong tool or hoist life.

Protected by a heavy duty galvanized steel cage

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