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The Pneu-Light is a compressed air powered, intrinsically safe LED light for confined space illumination.  It is simple to operate.  Just plug into a compressed air supply and allow the air to flow.  The Pneu-Light can operate from 40 to 120 psi (2.8 to 8.3 Bar).  It does not require lubrication and compressed air moisture will not affect the unit. 

The LED light is sealed from the compressed air supply and has a 10,000 hour estimated life.  Unlike old halogen style bulbs, the LED light engine can take a shock from dropping and continue to work.  At normal operating pressure (100 psi or 6.9 Bar), it has an output of approximately 5,500 lumens.


  * Intrinsically Safe

  * Compressed Air Driven

  * LED Life Expectancy – 10,000 Hours

  * T6 - Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housing

  * Can Operate at a Large Range of Air Pressures

  * Extremely Reliable Design

  * Sealed Bearings For Extended Life

  * Floodlight Pattern for Maximum Visibility

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