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In-Line Filter Lubricator

In-Line Filter / Lubricators


    * Filter housing is an integral unit.

    * Uses a 40 micron sintered bronze filter.

    * Reduces downtime.

    * Prevents costly repairs.

    * Extends air tool life.

    * Casting design prevents breakage where a nipple has been used to connect filter to lubricator.

    * Adjustable metering valve.

    * Sight disk in housing to visually inspect oil level.

These filter / lubricators can be used on:

Pneumatic Hammers
Impact Wrenches
Nut Runners
Air Screw Drivers

One of the most common repairs an air tool undergoes is disassembly to clean foreign material out of the valve assembly.  In-line Filter / Lubricators help prevent this from happening. The 40 micron filter can easily be cleaned or replaced.

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