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Purging Bags

Purge Bag System

The B&B Purge Bag Systems is the most common inflatable purge bag method in use.  This simple and proven design requires little training and immediate results are achieved.  For smaller pipe diameters purge times are usually within 2-10 minutes all while achieving shiny oxide free welds.  It is not uncommon to pay for the purge bag in as little as 3 or 4 uses in time savings alone.  We find this particular pipe purging system performs exceptionally from 2-10 & we offer the P.B.S. for up to 48" pipe.

Features & Advantages

*B&B’s Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems dramatically reduce purging times leading
  to significant savings in  labor costs. Typical purge times for 4” pipe = 1½ mins;
  8” pipe = 4 mins; 12” pipe = 8 mins

*Ready to use, connects to a dedicated and regulated gas supply. Choose any
  flow rate up to 20l a min.  Through the preset purge valve.

*Gas pressure control ensures an even positive root bead with no notching.

*Heat resistant up to 158º/70ºc continuously. Higher temp available. See below left.

*Use less inert gas. The volume of purge gas used is less than 2% of that required
  for a conventional purge.

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