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Beam Clamp Rollers-5 Ton


Load Capacity:                             

10,000 (5-ton)

Pipe Diameter Range:

2"–42" OD

Equipment Mass:

95 lbs


26" x 15" x 7" (Low Profile Height) 30" width from outside handles

Beam Clamp Flange
Size Range:                           

6–12" Flange Widths, up to 1" thick

 Additional Features:

Heavy Duty Rollers–supplied with steel or urethane options, handles
on sides for safe and easy lifting and installation.


Pipe rigging rollers are used for a variety of applications, in particular for
installation of pipe into racks at refineries, power plants, and other
industrial facilities. All LJ pipe rigging rollers are designed to be
lightweight, with beam clamps for quick installation and various roller
head options so that pipe can be easily, safely, and efficiently be installed.

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